Training Modules

1. Basic /Beginner Level: Good foundation will pave for the future !

Time to get to know the game. Improve hand & eye coordination, concentration. At the same time, be fit & learn to play the ball on 9 feet table. Basic skills are the stepping stones to become a good player. Table Tennis is for all!!! U can start to ping pong from on early age of 5yrs to literally any age.

2. Intermediate Level: Time to step up!

The player here learns to rally and improve consistency in the strokes. Take on with few spinny serves and keep your friend wondering. Speed up your strokes and enjoy playing the matches with your practice partners.

3. Advanced Level: Take up your game to the next level !

Further improve on the footwork, serves and attacking strokes. This level is meant for the serious learners as well as TT passionates and open for all ages & corporate players. Only after successfully completing the skillsets at this level, the players are selected for the Elite level.

4. Elite Level: Wanna be a Champion or a professional player? This is for you !

There is lot in TT to provide as a career alongwith academics. This is where the players are given a thorough knowledge on tournaments participation, tactical inputs for competitions and game plan. We have team of nutritionists, sports psychologists, physical fitness trainers, yoga instructors, Gym trainers who help to shape up the player in all aspects.

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